Hotel Yamabiko in Sugadaira Highland,  On-Line Reservation Special  Package Plan
                               On the slope ,  the natural hot spring "Daimyojin no Yu"

Hotel Yamabiko in Sugadaira

2001 12.〜2002 4.   Original Lift Ticket + something else
    on the slope
Today's your count  
  You may reserve a room. 

On-Line Reservation

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Please ask your question about On-Line reservation by e-mail.

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Please compare with other ski tours.   
What a profitable plan, if you come by your own car

Even if you make arrangement only ski-tour bus,  how profitable

         2001〜2002 Internet Special Stay Package Plan !!
 Standard package plan & Economy package plan  !!
 Basic price list   click here!    Reservation  click here!空室状況・お申し込み 

2001/11/12  rewrite  

Internet Special Stay Package Plan  6,300yen 〜
 (Rates vary according to the type of rooms, season, night stays, etc.)
 Per 1 person/ 1 overnight stay with 2meals (1 dinner and 1 breakfast)
                                                                             with original 1 day lift ticket
                 * In the case of child under 8 years old, without original lift ticket
 Original lift ticket is available per 1 overnight stay per 1 person 
                                                       (we can't sell only the original lift ticket)
 Skiing Area 
the area mapclick here ゲレンデ・エリア  

the map of all around Sugadaira highland(173k)
click hereゲレンデ・エリア

 In the case of Standard package, available all amenities in your room.
* bath towel, face towel, toothbrush, Yukata (Japanese style nightclothes )
 In the case of Economy pack
age.  not available any amenities, please bring yourself.

Many benefits of  Internet Special Stay Package Plan

 1 Lunch ticket per 1 overnight stay 
      You can use in one of 3 Hotel Yamabiko's restaurants on the slope (limited menu)
                * In the case of child under 8 years old, without lunch ticket 
 1 Welcome drink ticket  
at breakfast time or at lunch time, 1 time within the available period                             
 1 Play roulette per 1 reservation.  a lot of prizes (a bottle of wine, ice cream, etc.
 Early check-in : 500yen  per 1 person   
only when vacancies are available (in general, 1000yen per 1 person)
 Late check-out : 500yen per 1 person 
            only when vacancies are available (in general, 1000yen per 1 person
 Rental set of skiing    500yen per 1 day            Rental ski wear   500 yen per 1 day
 Rental set of snowboard  1000yen per 1day   Rental snowboard wear 1000yen
 Rental snow gloves, glasses, caps : 1 good  200yen  /   a set of 3 goods  500yen
 Internet Special price down  :  If you stay over 2 nights, we give you discount. 
We accept only direct reservation, can't accept through other tourist. 
You can't take this plan together with other discount plan, any benefits. 

Meals of Internet Special Stay Package Plan

  Economy package plan : a combination of Japanese and European style
                                   It is equal to the meals of other ski-bus tour.
                          suited for an economical skier 
 Standard package plan : a combination of Japanese and European style
                                    It is equal to the meals in general 
 Meals of 【child】(9-12 years old) :  same meals for adult 
 Meals of 【infant】(4-8 years  old) :  an assorted dish for child
 Buffet style breakfast  ( sometimes we provide Setting style breakfast )
 In the case of 【infant】(4-8 years old)
        If your infant need no meals and beds, you don't need to reserve for infant. 
   But you have to pay 2000yen per 1 infant per 1 overnight stay, at check-in time.


 You can park your car at the 2nd parking lot (about 200m from Hotel)
 Rental bath towel : 300yen     Rental Yukata : 500yen (at Reception)
 Body soap and  Rinse in Shampoo at the large public baths
 Tea-serving or bed-making in your room, self-service, please 
 In general, check-in time 3:00pm,check-out time 10:00am 
                                                   (once in a while, according to daily situation)
 Please read  those restrictions before you reserve rental goods.
We can apply you the above-mentioned rental price, when you rental either skiing
        set or snowboard set  within your stays.
    If you change another set, you have to pay standard price for rental.
    Please reserve rental goods at check-in time, we can't accept after check-in time.
    Rental skiing boots are available more than 16cm.
    Simple skiing for child (called "Panda-Skiing") : 600yen per 1 day
                         ( Please use your own boots with Panda-skiing.)
    Rental skiing wear are available more than 155p in height, for male and female.
  Rental skiing boots size16p〜23p for child , Panda-skiing for child,  
           Please reserve in advance rental goods for child by e-mail.
  plan name meal bath towel face towel tooth brush Yukata bed lift ticket price
adult standard standard adult choice +1700yen
economy economy adult × × × × choice basic 
for adult
child standard standard adult × choice +1700yen  
economy economy adult × × × × choice   basic for children
infant with meals  an assorted dish for child × × × × × basic for infant
without meals × × × × × × × all
     Even if there are some vacant rooms on display, we can't accept your application
      when there was a rush of applications for the rooms.
       In this case, we will send the document "Not Accept" by e-mail  within 24hrs.  

 Please check the vacancies calender on main page !

The indication based on the law of mail-order business
(the law of door-to-door sales) 
     2401 Sugadaira, Sanada-machi, Chiisagata-gun,Nagano 386-2201
Hotel Yamabiko